Incorporation of Grameen Support Group, Australia

As you may aware that Grameen Support Group has been around for more than a decade to disseminate and promote Grameen Bank’s concept of micro-credit to eradicate poverty from Bangladesh. To achieve this goal Grameen Support Group initiated a movement among expatriate Bangladeshis to open current accounts with Grameen Bank for about $200.00 equivalent Taka currency and keep the money for 5-6 years in order to get poor Bangladeshis out of poverty forever.  A good number of you have responded to our call and opened accounts.  As you probably know, Grameen ‘s   more than 8 million members (families)  that means over 40 millions ( average 5 member family) very poor people, about 27% of total population of Bangladesh, are entirely dependent for their livelihood on Grameen Bank.  About 62% of Grameen members have already crossed the poverty line. Those of you who have opened accounts and have kept the money there for 5-6 years will get immense satisfaction that you have assisted five members of one such family to get out of poverty. The impact is evident when one goes to any village in Bangladesh now. 
Grameen Support Group’s activities have been limited to facilitate the account opening procedures. Once account has been opened, the account holders have direct contact with the bank. It has been sending ‘account statement’ to them in regular six monthly intervals in June & December. 
The Grameen Support Group has initiated from this year another very important human development project that is, giving scholarships to very poor and meritorious HSC students. We have provide Taka 1500/- per month to four college students each for two years. Some of you have contributed to this scholarship fund that we have set up with Grameen Shikkha. The profiles of these four very bright meritorious students are in the article by Ronesh Maitre (Janakantha-22/06/09). These students have the potential to be like Mr. Atiur Rahman, the present Governor of Bangladesh Bank (you may have read his interview in Bangla daily newspaper, 30 April 2009). Mr. Rahman was just like one of them.  Grameen Shikkha is managing and monitoring this project in an accountable, transparent and efficient method which is very important for us away from the actual place of activity. We shall get progress report of students in February-March of each year that will help us to decide whether to continue or cancel any scholarship based on individual performance of the students.  This project is entirely dependent on donations as opposed to ‘account opening’ initiative that we have for the eradication of poverty.  We shall appeal for the donations of these four scholarships to become endowment of perpetuity as well as to increase the number of scholarships in the future to help poor students to achieve their academic potential.  And, of course, to manage this type of program, it needs transparent legal & regulatory set up.  To this end in mind, ’ Grameen Support Group Australia Incorporated’, has been registered as a voluntary, benevolent, non-profit, broad based community organization with the NSW Office of Fair Trading on 20 May 2010 .  The copy of the constitution of Grameen Support Group Australia Incorporated is in the website below for you to look at along with a membership form.
If you want to see Bangladesh poverty-free and it becomes a respectable country in the community of nations then join us to fulfill the objective. Your effort, however small may be, will make a big difference collectively. The following steps you can take:
 To join us and be an active participant, please fill-in the ‘Membership Form’ and send to us email-; or 51 Timesweep Drive, St. Clair, Sydney, NSW 2759, Australia. Phone & Fax- 61 2 9670 2745; 0421 594 332; Rafiqul Hasan:; Phone- 61 2 8883 5399; 0412 756 703
You can open a current account with a minimum of $200.00 equivalent Taka currency. How to open the account with Grameen Shovapur Savar Branch is detailed in the ‘Account Opening Form’. We can assist you if needed.
You can make a donation of minimum $50.00 for Grameen Support Group Scholarship Fund for the poor college students.  Name of the Account – Grameen Support Group Australia Inc. Account No.  032273-310828; Westpac Bank – St. Marys Branch, NSW. OR
Make a direct deposit to:  Grameen Support Group Australia Scholarship Fund Savings Account No.100657 Shovapur Savar Branch. Postal Address: Grameen Bank Central Accounts Department, Mirpur Two, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh.
Would appreciate very much if you e-mail us to know whatever options you may have taken.  Thank you for your consideration.

Grameen Support Group Australia

Report on Annual General Meeting 2016

The Seventh Annual General Meeting of the organisation was held on 18 December 2016 at 65 Spurway Street, Ermington between 3.00 PM and 6.00 PM.

The Secretary Mr Rafiq Hasan welcomed members present and opened the meeting with his annual report. The President presented his report next. The Treasurer presented the Financial Report. Mr Anisur Rahman proposed to accept the report which was seconded by Mr Mosharrof Hossain. The members present unanimously accepted the Financial Report 2015 - 2016. Members appreciated Mr Kamrul Islam’s effort in preparing the Financial Report free of charge.

As per agenda, the proceedings of the meeting followed. The scholarships set-up procedures as well as management processes were discussed in details.

It was highlighted in meeting that the group has offered more than 200 scholarships in total till last year of which 104 already passed HSC and continuing studies in undergraduate courses. All scholarship recipients have achieved very good results in HSC. 

Selection process of the scholarship recipients was also discussed elaborately followed by a video presentation on activities of the group.  Following process was explained to the members present. Grameen Shikkha provides a short list of candidates to the committee; double the number of scholarships given in a particular year. Committee then decides the final list based on four strict selection criteria: 1. Very poor Bangladeshi parents who can’t support expenses of college education of their child and without our help further education would stop after SSC. 2. The candidate is reasonably a good student but may not be in the top grade. 3. Non-discriminatory selection process of candidates regarding religion, cast or ethnicity.  4. Equal number of male and female students is eligible from science, arts, commerce and technical subjects. Committee faces a real dilemma in selecting the students because all of them equally deserve.

It was discussed and agreed that more fundraising efforts are required to increase the number of scholarships as this year we have received 104 applications and unfortunately we can only offer about 20 scholarships from our ongoing available funds.

Members present expressed their gratitude towards the biggest fund organiser of last year Late Dr Abdul Haq and prayed for the salvation of his departed soul.

Proposal was made to invite Professor Mohammad Yunus as chief guest for a fundraising dinner.

It was also decided that the Members’ Database will be updated with up to date contact details as it appears that some contact details on our record is inaccurate.

Mr M Rezaur Rahman, was elected as Returning Officer to conduct the Biennial Election of the Executive Committee for the period 2017-2018. His name was proposed by Mr Nazrul Islam and seconded by Mr Reza Hossain. The following persons have been elected unopposed as no other candidates were nominated for those posts:

1.The President:Mr Nazrul Islam

2.The Vice- President:       Mr Fakhruddin Chowdhury

3.The General Secretary:       Mr Rafiq Hasan

4.The Assistant General Secretary:Mr Reza Hossain

5.The Treasurer:               Mr Mokbul Chowdhury (Nofel)

6.The Members:  a)        Mrs Mehjabin Hossain

                            b)               Mrs Sabrina Hasan

Annual General Meeting was closed by the elected new President Mr Nazrul Islam.

Light refreshments were served after the meeting.


Mr Nazrul IslamMr Rafiq HasanMr Mokbul Chowdhury

Mrs Yasmeen IslamMrs Sabrina HasanMrs Shirin Chowdhury

Mr Mosharrof HossainMr M Rezaur Rahman Mr Reza Hossain

Mrs Mehjabin HossainMrs Jahanara RahmanMr Anisur Rahman

Mr Sameer Hasan


Mr Probir MaitraMr S Mahabub Alam Mr Geoff Lacey

Mr Fakhruddin Chowdhury

Rafiq Hasan

General Secretary

GSG Australia Incorporated

December 20, 2016.